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Chill and Earn with the Savage Varan Tribe

Treasure Hunt on Komodo Island

The SAVAGE VARAN SOCIETY-The Hunt for the Treasure of the Calypso is a fun and entertaining gamefi experience with NFTs, DeFi and video games of the zany and crazy Varans living the good life on Komodo island.

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Participate in the Treasure Hunt by playing the game, collecting the NFTs and Tokens and reading the fun webtoon as well as take on our weekly challenges. Are you gonna be the one to find the Treasure of the Calypso?

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Play the Savage Varan DeFi and videogames and gather enough resources, tools and clues to unearth the hidden Treasure of the Calypso.

Varan NFT

Use your Varan to access the games and webtoons on the Varandapp. As a Varan you will get clues and free tools directly airdropped to your wallet.

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Read about the history of the Calypso, collect the Treasure Map NFTs and go on a hunt before Butch Buggeridge gets his fingers on it.



Tribe is the in-game token on Komodo island and is used to buy, trade and sell items as well as getting rewards. Get TRIBE tokens to get started.

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